About Us

At Vaporizer, we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers the highest quality of efficient and friendly ice melting products; while also committing ourselves to remain environmentally responsible. We are proud to offer world-class products and customer service to every one of our clients. This is why we have been trusted for over 25 years to meet the supply needs of retailers throughout North America. Our main goal at Vaporizer is to keep the roadways and sidewalks safe for everyone while keeping businesses and industries open no matter the weather.

We Provide our Customers With World-Class Products and Customer Service

Highest Standards in Quality

We provide the highest quality of ice melts, offering the highest concentration of blends. Designed for strength and longevity with reduced environmental impact.


Pet Friendly Products

At Vaporizer, we know how important our furry friends are. That is why our pet-friendly formula is designed to generate little to no heat so it will not burn or irritate paws!

Quickest Ice Melter on the Market

We provide the best ice-melt available! Our calcium chloride products melts three times more ice and snow than salt and two times faster than blends. Saving you valuable time and money!


Years of Reliability

Vaporizer Ice Melter has been supplying retailers throughout North America for over 25+ years.

Beating the Competition

Our state-of-the-art machinery and electronic inventory management allows Vaporizer Ice Melt to outperform our competition.

Ground Breaking Logistics

Our strong logistical network of trucking partners allow us to provide a 97% on time national delivery rate. Saving you time and money!

Effortless Snow Removal

Our fast-acting ice melt products are perfect for breaking down snow and ice, making shoveling or plowing quick and easy.



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